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Standardization and Certification

UNE Standards

The following UNE standards are applicable for road restraint systems in general and specifically for steel safety barriers:

UNE EN 1317-1 "Sistemas de contención para carreteras. Terminología y criterios generales para los métodos de ensayo"

UNE EN 1317-2 "Sistemas de contención para carreteras. Clases de comportamiento, criterios de aceptación para el ensayo de choque y métodos de ensayo para barreras de seguridad"

UNE EN 1317-3 "Sistemas de contención para carreteras. Clases de comportamiento, criterios de aceptación para el ensayo de choque y métodos de ensayo para atenuadores de impactos"

UNE ENV 1317-4 "Sistemas de contención para carreteras. Clases de comportamiento, criterios de aceptación para el ensayo de choque y métodos de ensayo para terminales y transiciones de barreras de seguridad"

UNE EN 1317-5:2008+A2:2012 "Sistemas de contención para carreteras. Requisitos de producto y evaluación de la conformidad para sistemas de contención de vehículos"

These standards are the Spanish versions of the relevant EN Standards elaborated by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). The purposes of EN1317 Standard are the free circulation of products in the European market and the harmonization of the different national regulations.

Several parameters are used to define the performance of the road restraint systems: containment level, impact severity, deformation and capability of redirection. These parameters are evaluated carrying out full scale impact tests. Depending on their values, road restraint systems are classified in several performance classes, so that the authorities of each country can choose the systems that fit to their particular situations.

Part 1 includes some definitions and stablishes general criteria to perform the tests and to calculate the different parameters.

Parts 2 and 3 describe the relevant test methods, acceptance criteria and performance classes for safety barriers and crash cushions respectively.

Part 4 is a prestandard and is related to terminals and transitions between road restraint systems.

Part 5 describes the procedure for the evaluation of conformity of the systems produced following models tested by full scale crash tests. It also includes the procedure to get the CE Marking, which is a mandatory requirement to put road restraint systems into the European market.

UNE 135 900 "Evaluación del comportamiento de los sistemas para protección de motociclistas en las barreras de seguridad y pretiles. Procedimientos de ensayo, clases de comportamiento y criterios de aceptación"

This standard defines methods to evaluate the performance of the motorcyclists protection devices, and the performance under impact of motorcyclists of any safety barrier and vehicle parapet. Full scale crash tests with dummies are defined, in which parameters related to damages in head, neck and thorax are measured. Taking into account the results of such tests, the products are classified according to the protection level and the severity level.

UNE 135 124 "Barreras metálicas de seguridad de doble onda para contención de vehículos. Condiciones de manipulación y almacenamiento; procedimientos de montaje de los elementos constituyentes y accesorios"

This standard includes provisions for the handling and storage of the main and accessory components of steel safety barriers, and the procedures and the machinery needed to assemble these components and to insert them into the ground.

UNE 135 366 "Señalización vertical. Captafaros verticales. Características y métodos de ensayo"

This standard defines the characteristics and test methods that must fulfill the retroreflectors installed on vertical surfaces, such as safety barriers, vehicle parapets and walls in road tunnels.


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