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SIMEPROVI (Spanish Association of Steel Road Restraint Systems Manufacturers) is a non-profit organization, whose aim is to widely promote the use of restraint systems produced from galvanized steel, as the best option to reduce the consequences of accidents caused by uncontrolled road exits.

Our company members develope a continous effort in Research & Development of new products, appropiate to protect all kind of hazards located nearby the roads and to improve the safety of all the road users, including the most vulnerable ones.

All the products sold by these companies have the CE Marking, which is mandatory for safety barriers and crash cushions since 1st January, 2011. In addition, for the safety barriers with motorcyclist protection devices, all the products have a certificate of conformity to Spanish Standard UNE 135 900, issued by an accredited body.

SIMEPROVI, among other activities, is a member of several national institutions that work in the iron and steel and road sectors, participates actively in the National and European Technical Committees for Standardization, organizes technical seminars and issues publications aimed to spread the news of the sector.


SIMEPROVI is a member of the following Technical Committes, in charge of the elaboration of Spanish and European Standards related to road restraint systems:

  • Spanish Committee AEN/CTN135 "Equipment for the road signalization".
  • CEN/TC226/WG1 "Road Restraint Systems".

In addition, SIMEPROVI takes part in several working groups or committees that works in the frame of different institutions:

  • Road Safety Technical Committee (ATC/PIARC).
  • Working Group related to the adaptation of restraint systems to existing bridges (ATC/PIARC).
  • Working Group for the improvement of road safety for motorcyclists (Spanish Royal Federation of Motorcyclists).


SIMEPROVI is a member of the following organizations:

  • Spanish Road Association (AEC).

  • Union of Iron and Steel Companies (UNESID).

  • Forum for Road Safety Equipment (FOROVIAL).
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